Going to school is such an important part of our lives. The learnings and memories stay with us forever.

A few days ago, while I was procrastinating at work, I stumbled upon P&G Shiksha's heart-touching video. The story of Bittu, a 75 year old man attending school just put a smile on my face. But he couldn’t fulfil his dream of studying earlier because there were no schools in his village. However, today he is able to attend school and trust me, he isn't any different from any of us. Of course, he is mischievous like most other school kids, but most importantly, he loves to learn. TBH, this soul-stirring video reminds me of my school days!

It looks like I ain't the only one who got enthralled by this video. Read what these Bollywood celebs have to say... 

Thankfully, these celebs did their part and helped in spreading the word. Now, I want you all to do your part as well. When you choose P&G products like Pantene, Ariel, Whisper, Tide, Pampers and Gillette a part of the proceeds go towards building schools in areas that don't have one, giving many kids the joy of attending schools! From 2005 until today, P&G Shiksha has successfully built more than 1800 schools that will impact the lives of more than 1.4 million underprivileged children. 

 Doing good is so simple! #DontLetDreamsWait!