The state failed to prove in court that the BMC order and government circulars, both issued in 2004, have been effective for implementing the ban on sale of meat in previous years. Following this a Bombay High Court bench has stayed the ban on sale of meat in Maharashtra on September 17.

The HC however refrained from making any decision on slaughter of animals. The BMC had earlier agreed to a four day ban on sale and slaughter of meat and poultry in the city on September 10, 13, 17 and 18. After the ban invited outrage the BJP asked the BMC to reduce the ban period to two days.

The Bench also said that such bans for a reasonable period should be announced well in advance and not suddenly. Hindustan Times reported that they also asked for a real reason for the ban, because only selective non-vegetarian items were covered by the ban.

The High Court asked,”You will have to explain that if the principle of ahimsa indeed was the reason behind the ban, why were items like fish and eggs left out?”

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