In a historic move and without much fanfare, Britain left the European Union on Friday, January 31. 

After 47 years of membership, which started in 1973, the UK’s departure became official at 11 pm (2300 GMT). 


According to The Quint, thousands of Brexit supporters gathered outside the British Parliament and were celebrating as the hour arrived for which they’ve waited since 2016. 

2 years ago, the British citizens opted in favour of Brexit with 52% votes compared to 48% against the move. 

LA Times

While many cheered on as Great Britain started a new journey, a few also believed that this will only drive the island nation into further isolation. 

The sadness increased when British flags were quietly removed from EU’s headquarters in Brussels. 

Yahoo UK

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the day and called it a moment of real national renewal and change. 

He said: 

We want this to be the beginning of a new era of friendly cooperation between the EU and an energetic Britain. 
Hindustan Times

Giving a completely opposite reaction, France President Emmanuel Macron said: 

It’s a sad day, let’s not hide it. But it is a day that must also lead us to do things differently.
Sky News

Whether Brexit makes Britain a proud nation that has reclaimed its sovereignty, or a diminished presence in Europe only time will tell.