The Chennai Egmore railway station is one of the most iconic stations in India, with its high tin roofs, bustling crowds, the rhythmic chugging of trains pulling out of the station, the smell of strong filter coffee and freshly made Vada-Sambar titillating your olfactory senses.

And then, the people of StreetArtChennai decided to go a step further and paint the city, and its railway station, in a whirl of bright colours and fantastic designs.

Making Chennai just so much more awesome.

A group of Indian and international artists got together to plaster the city in really cool, awe-inspiring street art. And here are some of the pictures of their work, from start to the very chic end-result.

1. Madhubala at the Casino Cinema

Ranjit Dahiya (Mumbai)

2. Futuristic Sumo wrestlers at the Egmore station

Amitabh Kumar (Bangalore)

3. Tigers from space

LookTheWeird (Berlin)

4. Cat at Egmore Station

Anpu Varkey (Delhi)

5. The Old lady at the Greenways Road MRTS Station

Coincidence? *Mind blown*:

Axel Void (Miami)

6. Platform No.4 at Egmore Station

Base23 (Berlin)

7. A Mural on the side of a cinema hall

SatOne (Munich)and M.P. Dakshna (Chennai)

8. The Kotturpuram MRTS Station


9. At the Greenways Road Station

Shilo Shiv Suleman (Bangalore)and M.P. Dakshna (Chennai)

10. At the Egmore Station Platform

SatOne (Munich)

11. Egmore Platform, Again

LookTheWeird (Berlin)

These pictures are only some of the many painted all over the streets of Chennai under Conquer The Concrete , a maiden venture of Street Art Chennai, held from Jan 20- Feb 7, 2015.

The next time you are in Chennai and pass by psychedelic art as you crisscross the city, relax.

Know that you aren’t hallucinating.

(The rest of the pictures can be viewed on the StreetArtChennai Facebook page, here . The artist, the curator and other information can be found here .)