Life is so unpredictable. You never know when you could accidentally find precious jewels inside your decades-old apartment at the most bizarre location. But a couple in the UK has discovered the treasure trove for real. 

A British couple has discovered an enormous stash of gold containing 264 gold coins, over 400 years old. These coins amount to roughly £2,50,000 which is ₹2.3 crores in India.  

Metro UK

The couple discovered the coins while lifting the floorboards of their 18th-century property in North Yorkshire. Apparently, they were surprised to find an earthenware cup below the floorboard. 

Metro news reports that while the couple discovered the stash in 2019, the coins are now up for auction. Expert analysis reveals that some of the gold coins date back to 1675. Auctioneer Gregory Edmund also talked about the “wonderful and truly unexpected discovery.” 

It is extraordinarily rare for hoards of English gold coins to ever come onto the marketplace. This find of over 260 coins is also one of the largest in archaeological records from Britain. They’re not mint perfect coins, they are coins that have had a hard life.

Ain’t this incredible? You should check your surroundings. You never know when you make an accidental discovery.