If you are working on Saturday just like me, this is definitely for you. The day will turn better. Foreigners love Punjabi gaane. Remember The Quick Style group’s dance video on Kala Chashma that went insanely viral this year? Be it dancing or singing, they try to ace Punjabi music every time.

This video of one DJ from Birmingham vibing to a Punjabi song has gone viral on Instagram. Moreover, he presented his UK version of it.

Credits: Instagram

The clip posted by NET NEUZ shows DJ Will Reed performing to Gaddi Silver Volkswagen, the UK version of Punjabi singer Babbu’s track, Gaddi Red Challenger, in his car. The original song is played in the background as he adds his own lyrics to it. Reed concludes his performance by saying “Burrraahh” at the end.

Watch the video here:


Let’s check out the reactions:

Reed posted this video on his Instagram handle on November 17 this year.


So, did your Saturday turn out lit? Mine sure did.