A 52-year-old businessman Abdul Rashid Bhat, popularly known as Barg-e-gul (flower petal), is the center of attraction in Kashmir these days. He is the man, who through his small act, exposed the education system of Jammu and Kashmir. He registered a candidate Kachir Gaw (brown cow) and her father Hore Dand (red bull) for the entrance examination scheduled to be held next week.

The government has reportedly started an investigation into the issue, but Bhat has told media that his intention was apolitical and he only wanted to expose the “rot in the non-serious system”.

Source:Special Arrangement

Bhat, a resident of Dualatpora in central Kashmir’s Budgam district, has mastery over suggesting names and this case of registering Kachir Gaw (brown cow) and her father Hore Dand (red bull) for the entrance examination is a small example of his mastery.

“I did the entire thing to show the authorities how the examination body which conducts prestigious exams in the state can be taken for a ride. My aim was simple. I wanted to expose the system and was successful in it. I have no interest in politics being made out of the issue,” Bhat told the Tribune .

On being asked how he thought of the unique idea, he said, “When I went through the brochure of BOPEE, I got an idea that the system asking aspirants to fill in the form was not foolproof. In national exams, there is a system and chances of taking the system for a ride are minimum.”

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has ordered a probe into the whole incident. BOPEE Chairman Ghulam Hassan Tantary also said that he had asked the Deputy Secretary for Law to inquire into the matter.