Detective Byomkesh Bakshy has hit cinema theatres, and the long weekend seems to be working in the film’s favour. Dibakar Banerjee’s Bakshy released on Good Friday, April 3, and seems to be doing reasonably well, according to , which notes that film has seen 35 to 40% occupancy across the country.

But it seems that the film is already facing trouble from the ‘Censor Board’. An insider informed us that the board was displeased with the use of the word saala in the song Calcutta Kiss .

This is how the line in the song goes: Woh saala bola, yeh le charas ka tola

While charas got by the CBFC with ease (strange are the ways of the Censor Board), saala became a bone of contention. After thinking of possible replacements, none to their liking, the makers of the film removed the whole line from the song in the film.

What’s curious is that the said word has been used in numerous songs in Bollywood’s recent past. Imagine beeping out the word saala/saali from any of these songs, and you’ll realise how completely absurd it is.

1. Imagine Roobaroo without the friendship.

2. Or Saali Khushi without the sadness.

3. Consider Pappu Can’t Dance without the comedy.

4. Or Aali Re without the grit.

5. Imagine Apun Bola without the sibling love.

6. Or Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe without the emotions.

7. Imagine Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaya without the extra dose of Bollywood.

8. Or the evergreen Saala Main Toh Sahab Bann Gaya as some forgotten old song.

Of course, this controversy shouldn’t surprise anyone. Recently the new Censor Board chief had sent out a circular with an entire list of words meant to be banned from films. The circular had gone viral on social media . The list included words like bastard, haramzada and also applied to any ‘double-meaning’ words.

Now with the latest controversy, we might as well add saala to the list.