Mumbai Police on Thursday bid adieu to the last surviving police dog which took part in the anti-terrorism operations on November 26, 2008.

Caeser, a Labrador Retriever, died of heart attack at the age of 11 in a farmhouse in Virar, Mumbai where he was living after his retirement.

Here is what the Mumbai Police tweeted:   

According to a report by The Times of India, Caeser took part in bomb-detection operations during the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November 2008. Terror strikes at six places on the night on November 26 left 174 dead and hundreds injured. 

Caeser played an important part in saving the lives of people after he sniffed out two hand grenades at the  CST railway station. He was also a part of a search team which detected where terrorists were hiding at Nariman House, one of the sites of the terror strikes.

Mumbai Police Commissioner DD Padsalgikar also paid his tributes:

His death comes three months after another police dog named Tiger, which also belonged to the same dog squad, died of lung infection. Tiger, a black Labrador, had also helped police officials in detecting bombs, reports ANI News

Many people paid their tributes to Ceaser on Twitter. Here are some of the reactions: