Matching uniforms are the buzzword at the Olympics, and each nation meticulously chooses its colour and design to showcase its nationalistic pride. But Great Britain went a step further and issued matching luggage to all its athletes—900 identical red bags.

It might have seemed like a good idea on paper but it led to utter chaos when the entire Team GB landed at London on the same day at the same time. 

It took most of the 320 British athletes about 2 hours to sift through the sea of bright red bags at Heathrow Airport. 

And some of them took a break from the arduous task to keep us entertained. 

The athletes sure deserve a gold medal for finding their bags in this sea of red.

Rowing champ Alex Gregory needed a bit of help.

His compatriot thought this task was more daunting than the Olympics!

Some athletes showed their more sporting sides, injecting a bit of humour in an otherwise harrowing situation.

Seems like the Olympic dream sure turned into baggage claim nightmare for the athletes. 

Well, for next time, here’s a tip from all Indians: tie your own dhaaga or ribbon on your suitcase!