Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India on a two-day informal summit by visiting Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. 

They kicked off the event in great fashion by touring some of the heritage sites in the southern state. 

Source: NDTV

After burning some calories, the motive was to serve lip-smacking tasty delicacies that have the authenticity of Tamil Nadu's food palette and included local ingredients. 

According to NDTV, the treat from PM Modi had an extensively non-vegetarian menu when they sat to eat at the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram. 

The menu
Source: NDTV

Some of the highlights included: 

1. Karuvepillai Meen Varuval - a griddle-cooked dish with fish flavoured in curry leaves. 

Karuvepillai Meen Varuval
Source: Pinterest

2. Yerachi Ghetti Kozhambu - mutton cubes cooked with spices and coriander. 

Yerachi Ghetti Kozhambu
Source: YouTube

3. Mamsam Biryani - type of biryani made with long-grain rice cooked with tender lamb. 

Mamsam Biryani
Source: Bawarchi Schaumburg

4. Thakkali Rasam - made with spiced extracts of tomato. 

Thakkali Rasam
Source: Honest Cooking

5. Malabar Lobster - spiny lobster cooked in spices from Kerala. 

Malabar Lobster
Source: Trip Advisor

6. Thanjavur Kozhi Curry - chicken curry from Tamil Nadu's Tanjore.  

Thanjavur Kozhi Curry
Source: Amrita's Kitchen

If that wasn't appetizing enough, the desserts included -  Ada Pradhaman, rice palettes cooked with jaggery and coconut milk, Kavanarasi Halwa, a pudding made with black rice and Mukkani ice cream, a southern specialty ice cream.