A Rajasthan minister has raked up a controversy after he demanded rules to chop off politicians who speak against the army. 

Speaking to ANI on Sunday in Sikar, Rajasthan, Rajkumar Rinwaurged the constitution to “finish such politicians in five minutes without registering any case.”

“Our politicians who issue statements against those who serve our country, I request the constitution to come with laws to chop off such politicians. Stating that it is a good thing to cut the private parts our army men is very unfortunate. They work at 50 degree and zero degree temperatures,” he said. 

His comments were directed towards Samajwadi party’s leader, Azam Khan, who stirred a controversy for his comments on Indian Army last month.  

Khan, while addressing party activists in Rampur on June 28, said that excesses by security forces had led to “women in some places chopping off the private parts of Army men.”

(Feature image source: Twitter)