The CIA, or Central Investigation Agency, is known to be one of the most efficient and mysterious secret service organisations in the world today, and that reputation was further enhanced by the raid on a compound in Pakistan’s Abbottabad which led to former Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden’s death.

But even the most enigmatic organisation in the world decided to claim its share of the social media limelight, as they allowed users to relive the night of the operation, by live tweeting the raid as it had happened five years back.

The agency put out tweets of developments taking place on the ground as well as the activities in the situation room, where US President Obama was observing the operation with top officials.

The tweets give a complete account of the activities beginning from the approval for the operation that came at 1:25 AM to the death and identification of Osama Bin Laden, three hours later.

While the highly clandestine agency went on to tell all on the social media, users also had mixed reactions to the revelations about one of the most competent and controversial military operations in the past few years.

Although the event remains a landmark in the war on terror and world history, the live tweets do not recreate the breathtaking operation, partly because people know the end result of the raid. 

Feature image source: AFP