We all are aware of the consequences of global warming and if you think that the heat waves are limited to tropical or sub-tropical regions, then you might be wrong.

The northernmost human settlement on the earth is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave as other parts of the Arctic also witnessed one of their hottest summers this season.


Reports suggest that temperatures in Alert, Nunavut, reached 21 degrees Celsius over the weekend, which exceeds the average for the area of around 5 degrees Celsius.

Talking to the Independent, David Phillips, Environment Canada’s chief climatologist said:

“It’s nothing that you would have ever seen.”
The Independent

Apparently, this is the first time temperatures more than 20 degrees Celsius have been recorded in the Arctic. And experts suggest that arctic summers are going to be hotter than ever in the coming future. 

Scientists have attributed these warmer temperatures to the melting of ice and climate change.

The Daily Courier

It seems no place on Earth can escape the serious consequences of global warming and climate change.