More often than not, being a homemaker is a thankless job. 

However, in a welcome move, a Delhi court hailing the contribution of homemakers in society, awarded one such homemaker and quantified Rs 19.57 lakh as compensation to her family. 

What is the case?

As per a report by The Times Of India, on August 13, 2012, 38-year-old Shakuntala,  a homemaker, lost her life after her car was hit by a rashly-driven truck while she was travelling with her daughter to Aligarh from Delhi.

The court while hearing claim petitions filed by her family members, conceded that a wife or mother’s contribution to the house is invaluable and cannot be measured in terms of money. 

“A wife or a mother does not work by the clock,” the court further observed and after considering the victim’s age and the loss of love and affection to her four children and husband, awarded them Rs 18 lakh as compensation.

An additional Rs 1.71 lakh was granted to her daughter Renu, who had sustained injuries in the accident, for the suffering she endured. 

The Court’s move to acknowledge a homemaker’s role was widely lauded by people