As the COVID-19 outbreak has literally forced people from across the globe to hibernate in their homes while practicing social-distancing. However, a group of young-adults in Kentucky, USA decided to have a "Coronavirus party" and now one of the partygoers has tested +ve for the pandemic. 

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These rebels without a cause wanted to break the state-wide rules around self-isolation and purposely defy the protocols of social distancing because they thought they were "invincible". But unfortunately, they weren't that cool to not contract the virus. 

Source: Lexington Herald

Now just imagine if one person who attended that party tested positive for COVID-19, the number of people he came in contact with are all at risk of contracting the virus and so are their families.  

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Governer Andy Beshear who spoke up about this bizarre situation on Tuesday thought that the partygoers purposely broke the state guidelines. He further commented with disappointment: 

This is one that makes me mad. We have to be much better than that.  
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While there are over 52,000 +ve novel coronavirus cases in the U.S, doctors and health practitioners from all across the world are giving up their sleep while putting their lives in danger to treat the infected people and contain the virus. Please don't disrespect their hard work. 

No one is too old or too young to contract the pandemic. Your youth doesn't make you "invincible" or prone to the virus. Please be a responsible citizen and follow the self-isolation protocols.