Kolkata taken the worst brunt of this powerful cyclone, Amphan which has killed at least 84 people in India and Bangladesh. 

cyclone amphan
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Trees have been uprooted and over 14 million people have been left without power in this chaotic time. In light of these events, the states and cities effected have put out their helpline numbers where those in distress can reach out. 

Kolkata Helpline Numbers

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Kolkata Police tweeted that a special control room has been formed for those in need of help due to cyclone Amphan. 

- The helpline numbers are 033-2214-3024, 033-2214-1310 and 033-2214-3230. 
- Distress calls can also be made via WhatsApp on this number - 9432624365.

Howrah Helpline Number

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The Howrah Municipal Corporation has a 24x7 central helpline number which can be contacted during emergencies - 033-2637-1735. State and central disaster management teams have already been deployed in the area. 

Odisha Helpline Numbers

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- Bhadrak Police has asked people in distress to dial 100 or tweet to the police department. And those outside Bhadrak can call 067-8425-0027 for any emergency. 

- Jajpur Police has asked people in the area to dial 100 or call 067-2624-0445 in case of emergency. 
- Mayurbhaj Police has asked to dial 100 or call 067-9225-2325 to get in touch with the necessary help. 

Meghalaya Helpline Number

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- The Meghalaya state government has issued two helpline numbers - 0364-2502094 and 0364-2225289 for any emergencies that may arise in the area.