This was a Facebook post in response to the Prime Minister’s claim that some NGOs were targeting his government. 

Dear Prime Minister-ji,

Yesterday you said at a rally that since you became the PM, certain NGOs were out to get you. You are right. Why didn’t you name them?

The biggest of these NGOs is the RSS. You would realize this if you look into genesis of the controversies that got your government bad press. 

It began with the moronic Ghar Wapsi drive. You are a pragmatic man. You know that a few hundred poor people ‘returning’ to Hinduism doesn’t make a whit of a difference to this XXL-size religion of ours. Darya-mein Khas-Khas, as they say. Those who left Hinduism most recently, the neo-Buddhists, are not likely to ever return. But the campaign created a controversy and it was reported even in the international press, with the usual errors of exaggeration and generalization.

b’Representational image of RSS | Source: PTI’

Then the FTII issue broke. Whose brilliant idea it was to make Gajendra Chauhan the chairman? If you were to pick someone with “right” credentials (pun intended), like Anupam Kher or Paresh Rawal, nobody would have protested. Reportedly, it was at the bidding of some senior RSS leader whose protege Chauhan is. 

In one fell swoop you antagonized the intelligentsia which had warmed up to you after the helpless PM-ship of Dr Singh, forgiving you for the 2002 riots of Gujarat; and the young students everywhere, who were probably watching Pokemon or Shaktiman in 2002.

It was followed by the beef row and the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri. I don’t think you, a jet-setting PM, who has visited many a western capitals since you became the PM, really care about the holy cows of Hinduism. You appear to be more of a Savarkar-ite. The cow is already protected in our country anyway. 

b”The protests over Rohith Vemula’s suicide | Source: PTI”

For no apparent reason — except to please RSS or some such conservative organisation from the Parivar — your government in Maharashtra extended the protection to bulls. Haryana followed suit. It created an utterly unnecessary debate in the country, and ultimately the hysteria, which led to the murder in Dadri. 

Which triggered the award-wapsi. It also led to the protest at Hyderabad University where demanding beef on canteen menu became a way of defying or provocation. Then came the scuffle with ABVP, a criminal case against Rohith Vemula, and finally his suicide. It doesn’t matter why exactly he killed himself. It all started with beef. Thus went another potential constituency of yours, the Dalit youth, who would have otherwise embraced your conviction that economic progress is true social empowerment. 

And the Bihar polls before that: Do you want to be reminded who thought it timely to talk of reviewing the reservation policy just then? And also look at who lit the fuse at the JNU. 

b’ABVP students protesting against JNU students | Source: PTI’

You are someone who is bold enough to propose a political marriage to PDP, a party known for `soft’ separatism. You also befriended Pakistan’s PM literally on Day 1 of your term by inviting him to your swearing-in. It was bold, quite bold. 

So did it really matter to you if a few youths shouted some stupid slogans on a college campus? But your ministers — one of them has got HRD ministry, because of RSS’s blessings among other things — had to raise the temperature just ahead of the Parliament session, because how else the Mother Superior of Nagpur would notice their fidelity to nationalism?

Enough. Beware of `right’ NGOs, Modi-ji. There is still time.

The writer is a blogger who did not wish to be identified