Delhi likes celebrating everything. From weddings to birthdays, Delhi puts on some loud music and dances to literally everything. 


Well, it turns out, Delhi also likes to get seriously drunk! According to Times of India, Delhi gulped down alcohol worth Rs 1,000 crore, just in December!

DNA India

Mind you, the actual number of bottles sold through vends, hotels and bars is still being calculated. So the number here has been calculated on the basis of the revenue earned by the excise department as duty paid on alcohol bottles. 

India Today

According to reports, the excise department earned Rs 465 crore as duty on liquor in December. Delhi has a total of 864 liquor vends and 951 hotels, bars and clubs have the licence to serve alcohol to customers.

Hungry Forever

The excise department in November had reduced prices of about 10 brands of foreign liquor by 20-25%. This is being suspected as one of the main reasons for the rise in alcohol consumption. 

An excise department official told reporters: 

The sale of these brands witnessed a surge of about three times after the prices were revised. Earlier, people used to buy foreign liquor from neighbouring Haryana due to a price difference of Rs 800-1200 per bottle and smuggle it to Delhi. With reduced prices, the difference in the rate is not much which made Delhi customers buy these brands locally.

Anyhow, this is some serious alcohol consumption. I can only pity these poor souls for all the hangovers they must have had.