Deepak Chaurasia is a passionate human being. He is like Pooja from Bigg Boss who kicked the bin by mistake.

At all times.

And if human beings have known anything, it’s the fact that you don’t ask Pooja – what is this behaviour?


A panelist on one of his news debates made the mistake of doing that and what followed was a hell lot of shouting and a hell lot of shouting.

The two were talking about JNU and Deepak was reminding the person that the students in the university are studying on tax payers’ money.

Except, he wasn’t reminding as much as forcing him to accept (which I am sure he already did). 

Anyhow, the video soon went viral, as these things do and has now caught the attention of people from outside India.

People are trying to understand what exactly is the topic of discussion and why the hell are other panelists behaving the way they are (good luck finding that out).

My news is not your goddamn entertainment, okay?

It’s OUR entertainment.