In today’s episode of strange problems faced by people, we bring to you the case of the Delhi Regional Transport Office (RTO) where people are embarrassed with the registration numbers they received.

Sometimes we pay more to get that special number. But this girl from Delhi got a vehicle registration number so unique that she can’t ride her scooty anymore. 

Hold on, let me tell you why, The Delhi RTO has assigned a number to her scooty, which reads DL3 SEX ****.

She is a fashion designing student who used to travel in Delhi Metro from Janakpuri to Noida. Later this year she asked her father to buy her a scooty to make travelling easy for her. 

Soon after getting this registration number, the family tried to change it as it became an embarrassment for them. 

As per reports, “Once the vehicle number is allotted, there is no provision to change it as of now, as the whole process runs on one set pattern,” Commissioner of Delhi Transport KK Dahiya. 

Principal Secretary (Transport) and Transport Commissioner Ashish Kundra added the series has been stopped, keeping the sentiments of the people in view. Instead, another series will be released so that no one’s sentiments are hurt.