A 40-year-old plumber has been arrested for brutally killing his wife, Manisha, in East Delhi’s Madhu Vihar area.

He lost his temper due to an extra spicy meal that she served him, after which he killed her and hacked her body into pieces, police said on Wednesday. It is alleged that he used to have frequent quarrels with her over his second marriage to a woman named Muniya.

Police said that Manisha sustained 22 wounds as a result of being beaten brutally by Subodh on the night of the assualt.

b’Source: Reuters’

A few months ago, Manisha had discovered that Subodh had married Muniya and thereafter quarrelled frequently. She had left him to go to her relative’s place in Rohini but on February 10, Subodh asked her to come to Madhu Vihar since he had planned to kill her, police added. Manisha got angry on seeing Muniya with Subodh but he told her that Muniya is staying in a room nearby.

That day when Subodh got Manisha to his Madhu Vihar home, she cooked food for him and he found it too spicy, following which he brutally started hitting her with a stick and later she succumbed to her injuries. 

Police is speaking to family members to piece the sequence of events.