Remember Delhi Police refuting claims of them wanting permission to detain anti-CAA protesters when the protests began? 

According to India Today, a letter has been accessed that reportedly exposes the lies spread by the Delhi Police. 

Indian Express

In the letter, the Delhi Police is shown to be seeking permission from the Delhi Government to set up a temporary jail inside a stadium to detain all the anti-CAA protesters.

The letter, dated 29th January, 2020, was written by the Additional Commissioner of Police, Rohini district, SD Misra. 

It was addressed to Delhi Government’s Principal Secretary. 

DCP Rohini Delhi

In the letter, all the claims made by the police force in January can reportedly be rubbished. 

Against their word, police officials requested permission to set up a temporary jail in the Jangli Ram Pahiwan Stadium in Nijamplur village, Rohini. 

HW News

While refuting the charges, Delhi Police PRO, Anil Kumar Mittal, said: 

No permission was sought for setting up any temporary jail. Kanjhawala falls in the area of Joint Commissioner North Zone and he has declined having any information about this.

He further claimed a request was made for land to house the extra police force that is deployed for election duty.