According to a report by CNBC commuters across the world waste a week every year stuck in traffic.

On the other hand, commuters in Gurgaon (Gurugram to some) probably spend the entire year stuck in the now globally notorious traffic jams the city offers.


So when one commuter got stuck in a jam yet again, he decided to ask the Delhi Traffic Police for help.

But instead of getting help, he was told that the matter was out of Delhi Police’s jurisdiction and that they were forwarding the complaint to Gurgaon Police.

However, Gurgaon Police soon blamed Delhi Traffic Police for the traffic jam being caused in Gurgaon.

And we were left like…

The Twitterati had a gala time witnessing this tennis match of sorts between the two departments. 

The next time something like this happens, toss kar lena. Easy padega.