A day after Kunal Kamra questioned Arnab Goswami on their flight to Lucknow, Indigo and other airlines banned and put him on a ‘no-fly’ list.

On Wednesday, 29th January, HuffPost India spoke to DGCA chief Arun Kumar about the ban. According to him, the ban announced by the airlines was a clear violation of the Civil Aviation Requirement rules.

He said:

As per DGCA rules, in case of any unruly behaviour restricted to verbal confrontation, the airlines should first impose a temporary ban of 30 days on the passenger and conduct an internal enquiry headed by a retired judge into the incident.
Huffpost India

Later in a clarification released by DGCA, the body said that its earlier statement was misquoted and misinterpreted and the action taken by the airlines is in complete consonance with the rules.

According to their statement, the matter will now be referred to an internal committee for enquiry which shall give its final decision in 30 days.