There was a heated discussion in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday over the thrashing of Dalit men by gau rakshaks (cow protectors) in Gujarat who skinned a dead cow.

The opposition benches were breathing fire and brimstone over the alleged atrocity. Congress members even entered into the well of the house. 

Remarks, criticisms and abuses were flying all over the place as Home Minister Rajnath Singh appeared helpless in his effort to placate the situation.

In the middle of this cacophony and high-decibel debate, there was one person lying low, with his eyes closed, hand on his forehead and head tilted to the side — Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi!

Watch the video below and decide for yourselves: 

Though we aren’t sure if he was dozing off or whether he was calmly trying to imbibe the information that was flying everywhere or if he decided to not be a part of the shouting match. 

However, Congress MP from Rajya Sabha, Renuka Chowdhury was outraged over the media broadcasting this alleged nap. “How can anyone sleep in so much uproar? He was not sleeping. There are much bigger issues to discuss,” she snapped. 

But having said that, this isn’t the first time that the Gandhi scion has been caught-on-camera with his eyes closed in the Parliament. And that’s why, he might fight very little supporters outside his own party. 

The video not surprisingly went viral immediately invited a whole lot of responses on Twitter:

(Feature image source: Twitter)