While a trip from Kolkata to London would take approximately 16 to 17 hours on a flight, there was a time when a five-day-long bus service existed from London to Calcutta.


Yes, in a tweet that has now gone viral, Twitter user Rohit Dasgupta shared images of London to Calcutta bus service, with passengers waiting to board the bus. 

Originally shared by Kolkata Bus-o-Pedia on Facebook, the photos include an information page listing the services offered and the breakdown of the fare. 

From a reading/dining saloon to individual sleeping bunks and fan heaters, the bus appears to be equipped for all necessary requirements. It also lists tour highlights, which include shopping days and tourist attractions like The Taj Mahal. 


Many people commented on this ‘trip from the past’, with certain users sharing their own experience on the bus route:  

It was a whole different world, indeed!