Inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Darr, a stalker recently kidnapped Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna in Ghaziabad. We are all aware of how Bollywood is the warehouse of awesome ideas. And some criminals have decided to take inspiration from movies to pull off the perfect crime. Like they say, sometimes real life is inspired from reel life.

Here’s a look at some of the cases when people lifted off ideas from movies to commit real life crimes:

Munna Bhai MBBS

Sanju Baba’s film inspired a group of students in Delhi who leaked class 12 exam papers in 2013. They also used mobile phones to text answers to those who gave them money.

Khosla Ka Ghosla

Just like in the movie, a plot of land was captured by a syndicate which demanded money to let go of it. Certain DDA employees re-sold the same plot of land and extracted enough money to last a lifetime. 

Special 26:

Well the Akshay Kumar movie managed to inspire not one, but 15 cases of crime! The con film Special 26 inspired eight people in Mumbai to pose as Income Tax officers and raid a businessman’s house. They left with Rs 1.5 crore worth of cash and valuables, just like in the film. 


The Dhoom franchise too inspired 15 crimes all over India! In the 2007 Chelembra Bank robbery that took place in Kerala,the robbers made an exact replica of the film robbery which involved making a hole in the bank’s floor. They managed to steal gold and money worth Rs 8 crores

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Pulling off an Abhay Deol who drove off with stolen cars, Israr and his team too stole 180 cars in a year. They also had the use of the best of material and technology which was provided by those who wanted them to steal cars.

Bombay to Goa:

A trio of employees from a reputed MNC planned to loot a warehouse safe inspired from the antics of Amitabh Bachchan and Mehmood. When caught, they claimed to have been inspired by the movie.


In 2014, a female employee at the Congress office in Nilambur in north Kerala was brutally raped and murdered. The two accused in the murder case later confessed that their modus operandi to dispose of the victim’s body was inspired by Drishyam. Like in the film, they tried to destroy all evidences to make it seem as if the crime never happened.

A Wednesday: 

In September 2011, a 14-year-old Thane boy dialed 100 and informed cops that a CST-bound Thane train had a bomb aboard. Immediately, the security was tightened and officials were deployed at every vulnerable spot. Luckily, no explosives were found. After investigating, cops learned that it was just a prank call.

(Image Source: Movie Stills/YouTube)