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How Much Do You Miss Going To Office Amid This Lockdown? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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It's been really long since many of us last went to our offices. Working from home might be more productive and all, but low-key we are missing that spontaneous banter with our colleagues.

Take this quiz to know how much you are missing your office.

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1. You miss hijacking your colleagues' tiffins.

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2. You wish you could go to the office IT guy even for the smallest of errors.

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3. You miss fake laughing on your boss' lame jokes.

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4. You miss making fun of HR's Rangoli.

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5. Your quarantine birthday celebrations were incomplete without a cake from the HR.

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6. Every evening you miss the chai ki tapri outside your office

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7. You often think about swearing at that broken and out of service coffee machine in your office.

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8. Every morning, you just sit and look at all those dresses you used to wear to the office.

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9. You wish you could just hop across to your colleague's desk instead of texting them.

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10. You think of your office chair and desk every time you have a backache lying on the sofa during work.

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11. You have started respecting the office WiFi more than ever.

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12. You text or call your work friends to decide lunch kahan se order karna hai.

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13. You secretly use the office noise generator websites to get the feels.

14. You feel empty because you cannot make those quick drinking plans with your colleagues.

15. Turning the office AC on and off was your favourite pastime and now you have nothing to do.



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