While most of us are cribbing about sitting at home during the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown, medical practitioners and doctors from all across the globe have selflessly given up everything to work around the clock and treat the infected patients. 

With the increase in the number of +ve cases in India, doctors have been giving it their all. In between lack of sleep, meals and working ruthless hours, a video of a team of doctors from Rajasthan singing Chhodon Kal Ki Baatein to cheer themselves up has gone viral while giving us major goosebumps.  

Doctors Mushtaq, Gaur and Prajapat, along with paramedics Mukesh, Sain, Gyan, Urwashi, Sarfaraz and Jalam who're currently working in Bhilwara, fighting the virus are also the superheroes who're singing this song and giving us the positive reassurance we didn't know we needed. 

Covered in their protective gear, this heartwarming video is the optimistic breath of fresh air we need to stand in solidarity with the medical practitioners and fight this pandemic together by doing our bit and staying at home.   

Netizens from across the nation, send their regards to these real-life superheroes : 

Doctors and medical practitioners who have been risking their lives to fight Coronavirus at the forefront make us realise that they are the real unsung heroes in hazmat suits, gloves, and protective glasses who're literally trying to save the world from the wrath of this deadly pandemic.  

Source: Connect Gujarat

While doctors and paramedics are going above and beyond their duty calls to fight this virus, it is our responsibility to join hands with them, stay at home, self- quarantine, follow the lock-down protocols and stay safe. It is the least we can do.