A British couple, devastated by the death of their dog, has spent a whopping 134,000 pounds to clone their dead pet, becoming the first in UK to do so.

Laura Jacques and Richard Remde were shocked when their eight-year-old boxer ‘Dylan’ died of a heart attack in June.

They sought the help of South Korean biotech firm Sooam, which clones dead dogs for 67,000 pounds each. The pair will collect their two newborn puppies from South Korea on Saturday.

b’Representational Image | Source: Reuters’

Laura said Dylan’s death left her “in total shock”. She added: “I see it as Dylan’s puppies but they will have 100 per cent his DNA — not just 50. There will be people who don’t agree with it, but there will be loads that would love to be able to do it,” Laura was quoted as saying by The Sun. Scientists put Dylan’s DNA into a donor egg which was implanted into a female dog.

He had been dead for 12 days when the couple took a skin sample to the firm, but were warned the technique had never worked from bodies that old. Dylan’s body has been in the couple’s freezer while they renovated their garden and will be buried later.

The report said Laura and Richard have become the first in Britain to clone a dead pet dog.

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