By now, we all know that US President Donald Trump likes his ‘covfefe’ strong and his handshakes stronger.

As was proven by this handshake of his with Japanese PM Shinzō Abe which lasted for 19 seconds!


The Japanese PM clearly looked tired after the ordeal and to be honest, we don’t blame him.


Such is the terror of his handshake that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau actually made visible effort to resist the tugging that is an integral part of a Trump handshake. 


Unfortunately, our PM Modi hasn’t been so lucky with handshakes.

Hacker boy

Which is probably why he prefers direct hugs. 

Hence, on his recent trip to USA, more than the bilateral talks, people were concerned about whether Modi will be the latest victim of the ‘Trump handshake’ or not.


Well, to everybody’s pleasant surprise, Modi not only dodged Trump’s handshake, but also managed to give him one of his now famous hugs.


It’s not as if Trump didn’t try. He did.

But he was no match for our 56-inch ka seena.


Look at that speed and agility. 

ABC news

Modi: 1; Trump: 0