Getting confused between the contact list on your phone and accidentally sending a message to the wrong person is something we all have done at least once in our life, drunk or sober. But I’m pretty sure a wrong text wouldn’t have changed your life in any way.

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Well, unfortunately for Martynas Benosenko, a 22-year-old man based in U.K, a text on the wrong number actually ended up getting him in handcuffs and behind the bars.

Martynas is a drug dealer who accidentally texted his price list to the local police while he was intoxicated in a big music festival. 

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Not only that, according to UNILAD, he was arrested at the Leeds Festival after the cops carried out a search and seized over 3,000 pounds worth of drugs like cocaine and MDMA.

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The cops had found an average of 28 bags of cocaine and 67 MDMA tablets. 

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He was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years by a court for the possession of drugs. Prosecutor Jessica Randall claimed that he was detained at the music festival in Branham after security officials caught him “smoking cannabis”

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Turns out Martynas was just trying to earn some quick bucks after he got fired from TGI Fridays by peddling drugs when he accidentally sent his rate cart to the cops. 

Well, note to self, don’t text ANYONE when you’re even slightly intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.