The beef ban and the nationalism debate have attracted controversy for the past few months but even then, there are some incidents that jolt you awake. One such incident occurred in Gujarat, where eight people in Rajkot were hospitalised after they attempted suicide demanding that the cow be named “mother of the nation”.

If it strikes you as silly, then that is probably because it is.

All eight are activists of the Gau Raksha Ekta Samiti in Gujarat, and have been moved to the emergency ward of a civil hospital after they consumed pesticides near the collectors office, News X reported.

Members of the organisation had earlier approached the collector with a petition for declaring the cow as mother of the nation and had threatened to commit suicide at 11 am on Thursday, if their demands are not considered. Authorities and ambulance services had been on their heels after warnings by the activists, Divya Bhaskar reported.

Feature image source: Reuters