Every year, close to 800,000 people die due to suicide and yet, most countries don't have a national strategy in place to prevent suicides. This is especially worrisome because, for every one person who dies due to suicide, 20 or more people are attempting it. 

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Simply put, suicide - which is actually preventable - has become one of the leading causes of deaths. Here are some facts that throw light on the problem of suicide: 

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Suicide is the 'final step' that a troubled mind seeks when a person expects death to be the only solution to life's problems. In such a situation, what a person needs is guidance, support, and compassion. Sadly, more often than not, lack of resources and timely help result in death by suicide. It's important to encourage talks around mental health, to consciously challenge stigma around mental health concerns, and to take necessary steps to ensure, that no person willingly seeks death as the only solution. 

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