As a student, this man might have given you a hard time. Learning about all those elements on the periodic table was no piece of cake. Wondering who we are talking about?

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, of impressive beard and periodic table fame. 

On his 182nd birth anniversary, Google is making sure that we don’t forget the genius Russian chemist and honoured him with a doodle.

Born on February 8, 1834, Mendeleev is popularly known as the Father of Periodic Table which is still used to order elements based on their atomic weights and on their common properties. 

Scientists all over the world have agreed that his genius lies in the fact that Mendeleev not only placed the elements in their correct positions in the table, accounting for existing errors in valency and atomic weights, but also predicted correctly, leaving spaces for elements that were then undiscovered.

Interestingly, Element 101 is named Mendelevium in his honour.

Mendeleev died on 2 February, 1907 at Saint Petersburg, Russia.