Amidst loud cheers, India recently dismissed Facebook’s attempt to introduce Free Basics to the country. And while Mark Zuckerberg must’ve cried on the inside, he did manage to conceal his disappointment to a great extent.

However, Facebook board member and Silicon Valley major Marc Andreessen wasn’t so subtle. 

Probably disappointed at India’s decision to dismiss Free Basics, Marc took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

And effectively managed to offend the entire nation in the process.

In the above mentioned tweet, Marc actually asserted that India would’ve been better off had it been still under colonial rule and that fighting ‘anti-colonial’ notions such as net neutrality would only bring economic misery to the country.


As expected, people were quick to react to his tweet.

Marc thought that deleting the tweet would work. But this is the internet, bro. Nothing gets deleted. Ever.

Ironically, Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web lauded India’s decision to refute Free Basics and stand for net neutrality.

After receiving all the flak, Marc decided to do some damage control.

And finally decided to put some sense into his tweets.

Perhaps you should go back to admiring Indian mustard oil brands, Marc.