The coronavirus spreads its toxic wings, those affected have ranged from the general public to even those caring for patients. It appears there was only a matter of time before doctors started succumbing to the illness, especially with the global shortage of healthcare workers in this pandemic.

According to The Guardian, one such individual was Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy, a 68-year-old A&E doctor in France who was retired but still decided to help. He died on Saturday.

Jean worked in an emergency ward in Compiègne, in the Oise département, where France’s first coronavirus cluster was recorded this month. He passed away at Lille university hospital.

The Guardian

His son called his dad a hero, and said that Jean was intent on returning to work and helping his colleagues despite the risk.

He sacrificed himself. He wanted to help. He kept working because he loved it, it was his life. It’s not fair. We are sad and angry.
France 24

While they’re not sure how exactly Jean contracted Covid-19, it is thought that he got it early on, when precautions were not as strict.

It’s truly tragic that a person who dedicated everything to the health of others had to lose his in the process. Let’s hope safety for our health workers increases.