Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

The 21st century can be called an age of innovation but if you love animals, you may call it the age of cruelty against animals; big and small. 

After a horrible case of a young monkey being snatched away from his mother surfaced, there is now another video that’s more heartbreaking. 

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According to Mirror, horrifying footage of monkeys screaming in pain inside a german laboratory has surfaced on the internet. The distressing video also shows cats and dogs, who appear to be bleeding after undergoing cruel tests. 


The video, shot secretly, sheds light on the cruelty that has been taking place inside Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Hamburg, Germany. 

In the horrible footage, you can see newly born monkeys being strapped to harnesses from their neck and hung for hours inside tiny cages. When not strapped, they are tested upon by lab technicians. 


Further, the 8-minute-long video shows toxicology tests being carried out on cats, dogs and rabbits, leaving them in a highly distressed state. 

The tests, apparently have been carried out to mark a ‘safe’ dose for humans when manufacturing drugs and other chemicals. 

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The animals here are poisoned up to certain degrees to calculate that safe mark. 

Most either succumb during the procedures or are left to die after the completion of a particular testing process. 

What adds to the misery is the fact that none of these animals are given anesthetics or pain relief medicines before, during or after the procedures. 

The Sun

An online petition has since then demanded LPT’s closure and asked the EU to bring stricter laws in place against the use of animals as specimens for testing in laboratories.  

The animals, who wag their tails despite being tortured for hours, are desperate for human contact even when they are about to be killed. 

Where did the human from humanity go?