A former footballer and US Marine, Philip Banks was present at the right place at the right time, to save a 3-year-old’s life in Phoenix, Arizona.

The child was thrown from the third floor by his brave but helpless mother, Rachel Long, who got stuck in their apartment, which was engulfed in flames.

She must have pushed him thinking that there are higher chances of him making it out alive this way.

In an interview, Philips said:

There wasn’t much thinking. I just reacted. I just did it.

In another interaction, he noted:

I just had tunnel vision God helped me make that catch. It was very close close to the ground, it was a miracle.

Meanwhile another man, Dartanguan Alexander, saved the child’s sister by opening the door of the apartment and bravely going inside. 

I started to kick the door and I kick it in and once got the door open I see a lot of smoke and fire and heat. I just ran in there and grabbed her by the arms and she said Get me, get me, and I was like I got you.

Both, Alexander and Philip, now aim to be involved in the children’s lives as much as possible. And they want to make sure that the children feel loved.  

The two men are heroes and so is the kids’ mother who didn’t care about her life and acted with unbelievable instinct to save her son’s. We wish she had made it out alive.