In order to curb the spread of Coronavirus, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home and practice social distancing. 

However, the ability to work from home is a privilege that a section of the society is unable to enjoy - because of the nature of their job. 

It is possible to close schools, shut down cinema halls, and postpone sporting events. 

But, how can a doctor remotely help a patient? How can a police officer maintain law and order from the comfort of his home? 

Police with masks
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Even as the general populace goes on its way, stocking up on essentials and avoiding unnecessary human contact, these individuals are dealing directly with patients. And yet, they continue on, with warm, determined smiles on their faces. 

Nurse testing samples
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There are people who depend on daily wages for their survival. House help, people who are employed on movie-sets for odd jobs, roadside tea-sellers, and many more like them can not afford to work from home. 

roadside tea stall
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They can not afford to miss even a day of work, because their livelihood literally depends on what they earn on a daily basis. 

They don't always have a safety net of decent savings where they can afford to be off work for weeks and still live comfortably. 

House Help in India
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They don't even have the luxury to afford proper healthcare or take adequate precautionary measures. Because the nature of their job does not allow them the chance to take time off and look after their health. 

Daily Wage Earners
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And in these trying circumstances, it is important to help out where we can and appreciate their commitment and contribution in making our lives easier. Stories of people helping out those who can't afford to work from home have already crept up online.

Even the Producers Guild of India has set up a relief fund to help the daily wage earners affected by the production shutdown of movies and TV shows. 

Nurses and doctors, across the globe, have gone above and beyond their duty in order to save countless lives. And while we appreciate their commitment, it is important that we also keep in mind the sacrifice that they, and many others like them, are doing daily - just so that we may stay safe, and continue to work, from the comfort of our homes. Social distancing is the bare minimum that we, who have the privilege to do so, can practice.

Social Distancing
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Work from home is a necessary precaution in these times, but not everyone can enjoy it. And those who continue to work in public most deserve our consideration and our gratitude.