At least six women have come out and reported that they were molested or sexually harassed by unidentified men during their college fest at Delhi University’s Gargi College. Reports and social media statements are being shared by women about the incident and the men who were said to be intoxicated at the fest on February 6. 

The college fest was called ‘Reverie’ and several students and alumni who were present at the event stated that there was a lapse in security. 

The college administration reportedly allowed people who did not have a pass to enter the festival. 

At one point, I saw random men waving metro cards and getting in. They were drunk, they were climbing over gates to enter and they were simply not stopped. The police who were stationed, were simply seeing the whole thing, saying they have not been instructed to act. 

-A student told The Quint

The acting principal Promila Kumar spoke to India Today about the incident, stating that the students were outside the safe space. 

The event was open for boys studying in other DU colleges. We had police, commandos and bouncers on campus, and staff was also on duty. There was an arena in the campus meant only for girls. If they were outside that, it was their personal choice.

-Promila Kumar

In response to the distress caused, the students will hold a protest on February 10 called “safe fest or no fest.” Similar complaints of students feeling unsafe were made during the fest last year as well. 

What can be done when education centres that are meant to empower students and ensure their safety are under attack? While the school administration isn’t ready to take action, the students have decided to hold a march that will draw attention towards the severity of the situation.