A ban on using plastic bags is not a new thing in India. Our government has made umpteen announcements to restrict people from using plastic bags but despite that, there has been little to no change in its usage. Placing a regulation is one thing and adopting stricter rules for everyone to follow is another. And seems like the Goa state government is on the right path to rid the environment of plastic waste with its new law. 

Remember that if you’re in Goa, you can’t get away with using plastic bags without paying a hefty fine of ₹5,000!


The Goa state government has placed a restriction on using plastic bags in the light of its detrimental effect on the environment. The ban, which will be effective from July this year, will make it illegal to make, sell or carry plastic bags. Breaking the law will attract a fine of ₹5000. 

Not only has the state banned the use of plastic bags, it’s also going to slap ₹10,000 fine on those found littering plastic waste in public places. 


As per the new law, the shopkeepers and vendors are required to register themselves to provide plastic bags under the plastic waste management rules, 2016. 

Right now, under the Goa Biodegradable Garbage (Controlled) Act 1996, the state has placed a ban on using plastic bags below 40 microns. 

Definitely a good start. Hope other state governments follow it too!