Tech giant Google has been served a notice by the Allahabad district court after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s images started appearing in image search results for query on “Top 10 criminals in India” since 2015, reports Hindustan Times

The court also ordered a criminal case to be filed against Google’s chief executive officer and its India head.

Advocate Sushil Kumar Mishra moved Allahabad District Court after Chief Judicial Magistrate dismissed his plea on November 3, 2015, stating that it was a civil case, reports Times Of India.

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Google had on June 2015 apologised “for any confusion or misunderstanding” caused.

“These results trouble us and are not reflective of the opinions of Google. Sometimes, the way images are described on the internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We apologise for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. We’re continually working to improve our algorithms to prevent unexpected results like this,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

So, if you were to search “Top 10 criminals of the world” on Google, the results would appear with a disclaimer:

“These results don’t reflect Google’s opinion or our beliefs; our algorithms automatically matched the query to web pages with these images.”

The court has set August 31 as the next date of hearing.

(Feature image source: PTI)