There appears to be no low to which the people involved in the violence against minorities in Northeast Delhi won’t stoop. They burned houses, beat up people, and caused havoc and trauma for 1000s of people.


Now, a person on Twitter has said goons in northeast Delhi’s Karawal Nagar are snatching away relief material and threatening people who are trying to bring aid to the riot victims.

Twitter user Vineeta Pandey shared details of the harrowing situation, which is apparently happening under the noses of cops.

Apparently, the relief convoy going there was stopped by a large mob, which then threatened to kill them, burn them alive, and insert rods in them. The convoy was forced to leave the relief effort halted.

Karawal Nagar, Bhajanpura, and Shiv Vihar were among some of the worst affected area during the riots, and it appears the rule of mob still holds sway there. This, despite the heavy presence of police and paramilitary forces.