With so much going on around the world, watching news is saddening to say the least. Not with brothers Christopher Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo, though.

Christopher, a CNN newscaster and Andrew, New York governor, make sure they give the audience a hearty laugh every time they share the screen to discuss important issues.

After the video of their rant went viral a few days before, the two were at it, once again. 

At one point, the conversation started revolving around Andrew's looks and this is how it went.

Andrew: I have been doing what I have always done and I look as I always have.

Chris: You know what people say about how you look, can't be accurate. So it must be hard for you to make sense of what is real, what is true. I feel for you.

Andrew: La jalousie.

And then came a moment of weakness for Andrew, who said Chris is better than him. To which Chris replied, "Only on basketball court".

The governor denied that completely, to which Chris retaliated, "Pop said Andrew has tremendous capability, but he's got hands like bananas and he can't play ball". 

The two obviously do this to cheer people up, during these testing times. Before their banter, Andrew threw light on the lack of ventilators in New York hospitals, making some very valid points.

Wonder if they figured who their mom likes the most.