The coronavirus lockdown has already started showing positive effects on the environment. Clean air and water are some of the observable effects, we’ve seen recently.


report by the International Energy Agency suggests that the world will see a decline of 8% in carbon dioxide emissions, this year. 


Global emissions are set to decline by 2.5 billion metric tons, this is the biggest drop in history.


A majority of this decline is attributed to the biggest drop in energy demand ever. The consumption of oil, gas and coal has reduced drastically around the world during lockdown. 

According to the same report, the global energy demand hasn’t fallen this much in the last 70 years.


This means that the use and demand of renewable sources of energy, like wind and sun, will gain momentum.


It’s a good sign to start with and people are emphasizing the need to take necessary measures to continue this trend.

We hope governments take a cue from this report in future.