Being friends with Salman Khan has its perks! Known to be a man with a big, generous heart, the actor usually helps all those close to him in whatever way he can. And if it’s got to do with matters of the heart, trust the man to go an extra mile for that. Even if it means endorsing something that he can’t comprehend. 

Salman took to Twitter to promote his Romanian girlfriend, Iulia Vantur’s upcoming reality show called ‘Celebrity Farm’ and left his fans as confused as him. 

The celebrity reality show which is based on a similar concept as Bigg Boss. The video has Iulia talking about the celebrity farm on the show and says, ‘New trends, New Romanian challenges. Starting in Cypus..The Celebrity Farm’ . The show will have known faces from the Romanian TV industry as part of a celebrity farm. Much on the lines of Bigg Boss hosted by Salman. 

Guess, Salman is generous and sporting when it comes to promoting his girlfriend’s foreign show despite the show being on the same lines as his own.