There have been enough debates and discussions about the Delhi government’s highly ambitious ‘odd-even’ car scheme. But it turns out the Bihar education department has been implementing this formula in the schools even before the idea came to Arvind Kejriwal’s mind. However, the reason for the 

Due to inadequate infrastructure, many state-run government schools in Bihar run on alternate days and shifts to accommodate students. The space shortage is so grave that boys and girls are assigned different shifts in co-ed schools to attend classes.

b’A representational image | Source: Reuters’

MD High School at Kanhouli near Baniapur, Saran district is one such school where students attend only half the session as classes are held on alternate days. The school has approximately equal number of boys and girls. 

“Shortage of classrooms and more than 3,000 students on the school rolls are the main reasons behind taking classes on alternate days,” Awadhesh Bihari, Saran’s district education officer told The Times of India.  

He also said that a directive has been sent to the headmasters of such schools for the construction of additional classrooms

There are only 12 classrooms in a school which has 3,281 students and 20 teachers. Every teacher has to manage a class of 150 students. 

Shriprakash Singh, the school headmaster, said that he has been requesting government authorities to provide them with additional classrooms and teachers as per a report by Jagran

He added that this system was implemented only because they were left with no other options. 

Some teachers also claimed that this system doesn’t hamper students’ studies as they cover the entire syllabus within the shortened schedule.

(Feature image is representational | Source: Reuters)