The Indian media is known for going more than out of their way when broadcasting news. While the votes were being counted, this is how the news channels were reporting it.

Arnab greeting panelists in cars.

Arnab Goswami is known for his 'outspoken' approach to all things BJP. He had panelists arrive in cars inside Republic TV's studio. The nation definitely wants to know why.

News18 anchor reporting the voter turnout in a VFX helicopter.

A News18 anchor was seen sitting in a VFX helicopter and going over the voter turnout while seats popped up on the map.

Arnab calling Sunny Deol, Sunny Leone

Arnab's excitement was clearly evident when he mistakenly called Sunny Deol, Sunny Leone.

Arnab and his last supper coverage.

Arnab had a discussion panel with more than 10 people and no points for guessing, there was a lot of talking over each other.

ABP News reporting the results while wearing animated caricatures.

While the nation danced to celebrate BJP's win, ABP News put on this show.

TimesNow having Iron Man doing stunts.

TimesNow brought in a blue Iron Man to do virtual stunts while the counting of votes took place.

Is this really journalism?